Why blog about your house? When we were first looking at this house, I imagined I wanted to record the changes and upgrades so we could / can look back and see where we came from. Then, as time went on we found out that this house, in particular, has some interesting history. We also felt that it was a unique and very cool vacation type home, which we love. Of course, you might say that is subjected to one's opinion, and I agree. At the end of the day, unless you tell people a story no-one will know about anything in life. This is our little story about our house and what we like about it. Along the way, we will talk about repairs, upgrades and WHY we are taking care of the various activities.

This house is located in a small town outside of Winston-Salem, North Carolina in Lewisville, North Carolina. The parent original family property was somewhere near 1400 acres. Now, this property is split up into 8 properties and homes. We do have a small homeowner association that takes care of the road and some costs for the field upfront.

About our 1959 American Ranch in Lewisville, NC. A wonderful place in the woods on a lake. Come follow this story and see where it takes us.

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