Why blog about your house? Why invest in your home? When we were first looking at this house, I imagined recording the changes and upgrades. This way we could look back and see how far we had come. Then, as time went on we found out that this house had some interesting history. History is lost, unless you tell people the story. If you leave it up to someone else they will tell a story that may not be accurate. That is the intention of this blog. Also along the way, we will talk about repairs, upgrades and WHY we are taking care of the various activities. Our love for mid-century modern American Ranch homes will also spur additional discussions.

That is why I started this blog… to keep track of things but also to tell a story and the journey many people go through. It is a shared experience. According to realtors, investing in your home is one of the safest investment one can make. There is no guarantee but it is historically very safe and typically improvements always increase the value. However, you do need to understand what you are investing in. If your neighbors houses are $50,000 and your house is of similar value, it does not make sense to invest $30K dollars into your home.

That being said typically according to Realtor.com – here are a couple top home investments:

Midrange Attic Insulation (fiberglass) $1,343 $1,446 107.7%
Midrange Entry Door Replacement (Steel) $1,413 $1,282 90.7%
Midrange Manufactured Stone Veneer $7,851 $7,019 89.4%
Upscale Garage Door Replacement $3,304 $2,810 85.0%
Midrange Minor Kitchen Remodel $20,830 $16,699 80.2%
Upscale Entry Door Replacement (fiberglass) $3,276 $2,550 77.8%
Midrange Garage Door Replacement $1,749 $1,345 76.9%
Midrange Siding Replacement $14,518 $11,093 76.4%
Upscale Window Replacement (Vinyl) $15,282 $11,286 73.9%

So as you can see, depending on what you want to invest in you will get your investment back. Also, you are living in your home right? So why would you want to live in a place that needs attention? With a little bit of sweat and elbow grease you CAN make improvement all on your own. This will help your dollars go further.

This house is located in a small town outside of Winston-Salem, North Carolina in Lewisville, North Carolina.

The original family property was somewhere near 1400 acres. Now, this property is split up into 8 properties and homes. We do have a small homeowner association that takes care of the road and some costs for the field upfront. A very friendly and welcoming community.

My59Ranch.com is a lifestyle website with general interest articles ranging from basic information about our home, home improvement tips and tricks for everyday living, home repairs and home improvements. Periodically we will venture outside the home into our yard as there are many aspects to this lifestyle (living on a lake and living in the woods) that interests us. We supply you with all the tips and tricks we use you need in order to improve your home and give you links (if there are any for products from Amazon).

We are here to help you make your own dreams come true. Start now and live the life you’ve always wanted! Come follow this story and see where it takes us, and hopefully you will be inspired.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.