Setup your home for sound – new wall outlets

Some might say the speakers on the TV are good enough. However if like me, you grew up with loudspeakers, jam boxes/ boom boxes and cars that could shatter windows. So that statement is somewhat offending.

During and a little after high school I was lucky enough to work for a great guy Jay Moore who owns Custom Home and Custom Car Hi-Fi. I have purchased many things from their store and IF you are in the Triad (Winston-Salem, Greensboro or High-Point North Carolina) I recommend instead of going to Best Buy or Amazon check his store out. Between my brother and working for Jay, I became addicted to home and car audio.

Our house was already pre-wired with various speaker jacks (awesome) but the wire is less than stellar (not awesome). Something to correct down the road. Today, the focus is to get some sound in this place.

Here are the old jacks, headphones / guitar single jacks. They can “work” but not ideal.

The old jacks were made for a guitar or some type of phono Jack. I wanted to change them out to modern banana jacks.

The old phono jacks were painted over…
So they were somewhat useless anyway.

Here is the finished product…

I have a little more work on the wall plates to make them fit flush. However, my high-end speaker cables plugged in properly. Note to self, these speaker wire are overkill as the leads going to the speakers are not worthy. But they do have great presentation skills.

I also needed to run cable for the Paradigm subwoofer power (it is plugged into my Monster Power conditioner), RCA and finally the HDMI cable for the TV. All of the equipment sits in a cabinet in the adjacent room (study). It is currently being used as a bedroom for my youngest daughter (but she lets me use one of the enclosed sections wired for this purpose).

In the cabinet, the speaker connections go to:

1. Upper shelves in the study.

2. Living room

3. Dinning room

4. Outside on the deck next to the kitchen

5. Back deck facing the lake

Here are the couple of products I ordered to complete this project:

  1. Banana Plug Binding Post Wall Plate for Speakers (5)
  2. Run your cables cleanly and neatly through the wall with Single Brush Wall Plate – White (2)

i am really excited to report the living room works! Fingers crossed on the other ports but there is no indicators that they would not work properly.

Until next time!

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