Water Softener – restarting the system

One of the nice things when buying an older home that was loved is some of the features the previous homeowners added. Our house has been empty for a little over a year. It has a water softener system. Every time I would go into the basement, I would hear the friendly reminder beeping from the system. It was telling me NEED MORE SALT! I did not proceed with adding salt as the tank really needed scrubbing. It was filthy from years of use. As you can see below, iron and debris were built up in the tank from the well. Something you don’t have to deal with on city water.

In today’s post, I will go over our water filtration and softener system.

I have always wondered what it would be like to live with a water softener. I have heard the benefits of such a system but had no idea of the reality.

What does a water softener do?

  • It removes the hardness of the water – a scale of 0-100 grains is how it is defined. The higher the number the higher the hardness.
  • The water is better for your skin – it will make your skin more moisturized and softer.
  • For the ladies, your hair will get slicker and less frizzy.
  • Your clothes and towels will be softer.
  • Clothes won’t break down as bad and last longer.
  • Less soap and laundry detergent needed.

I made a call to my friend Linwood at Water Purification Consultants, Inc. a local water treatment company – you can visit their web site at www.waterpuro.com. They work on everything from small household / residential jobs to large community and business solutions. I highly recommend them.

Linwood took a look at the system we had and did an overall assessment and water test. That is key to understanding step 1. It is a process with a new system or if you have to restart an older system that you are not familiar with. I called Linwood (one because he has done work for me before) because he knows his business well. IF you are going to call someone do a little research and make sure they love their profession and are accredited. Water Purification Consultants is rated by the BBB & a certified member of the Water Quality Association.

Not exactly the water test Linwood did but it might as well have been… test tubes and all, it was over my head. This is why you hire professionals to do some things.

Our system is not one of the solutions he sells (Our model is a Sanatizer Plus) but he did say it was decent and should last us for many years to come. If you take care of the equipment (change filters, monitor the system is working properly and address problems immediately) it should last for 15+ years. Good to know. Once he identified the level of hardness in the water, we went and grabbed the owners manual online.

*Note: like many products you buy, don’t forget most companies today keep their manuals online. It becomes very handy to find the latest updated manual that may help you save time with the proper information.

Once we got the manual, we reset the system and programmed it properly to the hardness of the water that was identified. our water was only a 9 grain hardness… so tweaking for 10 should compensate for any slight increases.

With the setting set correctly, I added the 3, 40-pound salt bags to the tank. Also at the recommendation from Linwood, added about 12 ounces of bleach to help decontaminate the system.
Then hit the “Regenerate” button and waited for the approximate 8 minutes to fill the brine tank. The system regenerates over the next couple of hours using the brine in the tank. This is then stored in the larger grey reservoir tank that the control panel sits on. Over time, more water is cycled into the brine tank and back and forth between each tank for the next couple of months.

You can add up to 5 bags in my tank which is about average. We should be good for about 4-6 months of soft water depending on our usage.

What I used:
Cargill Salt Diamond Crystal Pellet 50Lb 7336I

Diamond Crystal 804017 Solar Naturals Water Softener Salt, 50 Lbs

Make sure to check your local suppliers they might have these items at a much cheaper discount.

Clean Salt brine tank
This is what you want your Salt Brine Tank to look like.
Clean free of any debris and making soft water.

I hope this helped you learn a little about a Water Softner and what it can do for you and the process needed to maintain one.

Until next time!

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